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Aktiv Doppelherz Calcium Plus Magnesium, 30 comprimate
Aktiv Doppelherz  Calcium Plus Magnesium, 30 comprimate Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $12.00
Features: sufficient intake of magnesium is important for the energy of the body's cells, plays an important role in activating enzymes in nerve cell function and muscular. The cardiac system, which is always required requires magnesium for its function. Calcium is a vital component for maintaining the following functions of the body: bone reconstruction and maintenance of bone structure, transmission of nerve impulses and nerve cells to muscle function is neilocuit and for blood clotting. The combination is Important! two vitally important minerals in one tablet! And our diet calcium and magnesium occur together. Both are irreplaceable both for transmission of nerve impulses and to maintain body structures. Cardiac muscle requires calcium and magnesium to maintain daily activities. In case of non-balanced diet or in case of increased nutrients needed by: * physical demands (eg - Sports) * unhealthy lifestyle (tobacco and alcohol) * Stress - is recommended for food supplementation with tablets Doppelherz Calcium + Magnesium. This food may be more important for the elderly and postmenopausal women - among others because the body can not build the entire amount of calcium. One tablet administered daily calcium and magnesium can cover the daily needs of the two minerals by adults. Their combination brings an important contribution of vital minerals and can help our body to maintain healthy and able to work. Excipients for tablet: Ingredients: Magnesium: 200mg Calcium: 400 mg Vitamin D3: 200 IU Dosage: 1 tablet daily the main meal. Bottle with 30 tablets.

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