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Eurovita multiminerals, 30 drajeuri
Eurovita multiminerals, 30 drajeuri Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $9.00
Deficiences moods characteristics may have different causes, such: - increased consumption during the pregnancy and lactation - period of growth in children - food in te red or restrictive - physical effort at sportsman or from those carrying out the physical work in heavy conditions - anemia of various etiologies Antioxidants: vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, manganese, copper, neutralise free radicals, stimulates immunity and breathing body cell. The 31 vitamins and minerals contribute to the normal functioning of the body, acting on fatigue, physical and nervous exhaustion, convalescence, increasing the body's resistance. Indications: supplement food useful in deficiency of vitamins and minerals that can occur in children and adults due to inadequate feeding or malnutrition. Composition: Vitamin A 1500 g RE*, 100% RDA; Vitamin C 60mg*, 100% RDA; Vitamin D3 10 g*, 100% RDA; Vitamin E 20,13 mg TE*. 67,1% RDA; VitaminaK 25 g*, 25% RDA; Vitamin B1 1,5mg*, 93,75% RDA; Vitamin B2 1,7mg*, 100% RDA; Niacin 20mg NE*, 100% RDA; Vitamin B6 2000 g*, 100% RDA; Acid folic 400 g*, 100% RDA; Vitamin B12 6g*, 300% RDA; Biotin 30 g*, 15% RDA; Acid pantotenic 10mg*, 100% RDA; Calcium 162mg*, 16,2% RDA; Iron18mg*, 100% RDA; Phosphor 125mg*, 12,5% RDA; Iodine 150 g*, 75% RDA; Magnesium 100mg*, 28,57% RDA; Zinc 15 mg*, 100% RDA; Selenium 20 g*, 20% RDA; Copper 2000 g*, 66,66% RDA; Manganese 2,5mg*, 83,33% RDA; Chromium 25 g*, 12,5% RDA; Molibden 25 g*, 10% RDA; Chlorine 36,3 mg*, 0,72% RDA; Potasium 40 mg*, 1,14% RDA; Nickel 5 g*; Stanium 10 g*; Vanadium 10 g*; Silicium 2mg* ; Bor 150 g* Excipients for tablet. * The composition of consumer unit. % RDA = percentage of recommended daily Dosage: Adults: 1 compressed/day Children: will administer the recommendation of family doctor or a doctor with children specialty Packaging: Bootle with 30 dragees

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