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Zinkit effervescent tablets, 20 tablete
Zinkit effervescent tablets, 20 tablete Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $21.50
Composition and Method of Presentation: 1 effervescent tablet contains: 44 mg zinc sulphate 7 H2O (equivalent to 10 mg, 0.15 mmol or 0.30 mval zinc) Bottle with 20 effervescent tablets. Indication: is recommended to supplement with zinc, which can not be corrected through dietary intake. Zinc is an important nutrient that must be supplemented (the intake) that can not be synthesized in the body. He enters the composition of several enzymes participating in metabolism of many milestones. Because its effect is complex and varied, zinc deficiency is manifested in a variety of forms. A zinc deficiency can cause increased susceptibility to infections, because zinc has a role in immune system function. Other manifestations of zinc deficiency may be represented detulburari growth, decreased night vision, decreased exercise capacity, hair loss and concentration impaired. Zinc deficiency may be caused by an insufficient intake or an incorrect diet, one example being unreasonable weight loss diets. Manifestations of zinc deficiency can be produced by impaired absorption (eg in bowel disease), or by increasing its excretion (eg, alcoholism, purgative, or other drugs). Certain categories of people such as pregnant women, nursing mothers, teenagers, athletes and vegetarians believe, shows an increased need for zinc intake causing improper installation of a state carentiale. Contraindications It is contraindicated in case of reactions between antibodies and the body's own antigens (so-called autoimmune processes, particularly autoimmune encefalitele), acute renal failure, severe damage to renal parenchyma. Adverse reactions if compliance can not install the recommended dose side effects . Overdosing can cause metallic taste, headache, fatigue, nausea and vomiting. Administration: If no other recommendations for zinc supplementation should be administered 1-2 x daily one effervescent tablet.

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