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Jack Daniel's Whiskey, 700ml
Jack Daniel's Whiskey, 700ml Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $45.00

Jack Daniel’s is a smooth and beautifully balanced Tennessee Whiskey that fuses subtle fruit flavors with caramel, vanilla oak characters. Triple charcoal filtered for a sweet, smooth flavor, from the coolest distillery in the US.

The whiskey has a prominent woody taste and the charcoal, burnt tastes come through as well. There is not much of the fruity taste that I sometimes could sense in the nose. But there has some balancing sweetness in the whiskey to counter the burnt taste that is nowhere near overwhelming or too harsh.

It's the oldest registered whiskey in the USA. Mr. Jack Daniel registered his product in 1866 and went on to win his first gold medal at the World’s Fair in 1904. This is quite a feat for ayoung man that bought the distillery from a Lutheran minister in 1863. The distillery is still located in the dry county of Lynchburg, Tennessee where they still use the 100% lead-free water Mr. Jack andMr. Call (the minister) used in the 1860s. During the prohibition and World War II, production ceased. The distillery moved once, but the family tradition drew the brand back to its roots and they have never deviated since.

Jack Daniels distills the whiskey first and then runs the product drop by drop down 10 feet of packed, charred sugar maple. This “charcoal-mellowing” takes approximately ten days but it helpsfilter our the harsh impurities and tastes associated with “moonshine.”
Jack Daniels then stores the whiskey in American White Oak barrels charred on the inside for four years. These barrels are used only once.

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