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You have the option to order online or over the pone.

For online orders, we require Credit Card payments. For more information on how to order online, please read the online ordering instruction listed below.

When placing an order over the phone, you can pay by Credit Card, personal check or money order. Please read the ordering offline section below.

Online Ordering Instructions

1. Explore our products and decide what you want

Similar products are grouped in categories which are displayed within the left navigation section under Products (for example: Meats, Cheese, More Food Products, Fruits & Juices, Sweets, Coffee, Alcoholic Beverages, Cosmetics, Detergents, Baby, Gift Baskets, etc). Clicking on the category name (for example Meats) will display products contained within the selected category. You can browse through all the products contained in a category by clicking the Next and Previous buttons displayed in the lower section of the page. To view more information about a particular product, click the product link to get to the product description page.

A Search link is displayed on the left navigation section to help you quickly search for a particular product by entering a name and clicking the Search link.

A Show All link is displayed on the left navigation section. Clicking this link will display the entire list of products we offer. Because of the large number of products and depending on your connection speed, it might take few moments before the page loads.                                                         

2. Add products to your shopping basket

Like in a regular store, in order to purchase any products, first you have to add the products you wish to buy in your basket. You can add a product to your basket by clicking the Add 1 to Basket button displayed on the product category page or the Add to Basket button from the product description page. If you wish to add 2 ore more of the same type of product, you can enter the desired quantity in the Quantity box displayed next to the Add to basket button on the product description page.

A “Buy One Now” button might be available for gift baskets for an express checkout. In this case you don’t have to add the gift to your basket you can just click the “Buy One Now” button and proceed to checkout.

3. Check the items in your basket

You can view your basket anytime by simply clicking on My Basket link that is displayed on the left navigation section below My Account. This will show you all the products contained in your basket. You can update the quantity of your products by entering a number in the Quantity box and clicking the Update link. You can remove products from your basket by clicking the Remove link displayed on the left next to the product code.

If you are satisfied with what’s in your basket, you can proceed to checkout. If you are not ready for checkout, you can continue shopping.

4. Checkout

When you are done shopping you will complete the checkout procedure by clicking the Checkout link displayed in the left navigation section below My Basket and:

a.) Review a summary of your order listing the selected products and prices

Note: If you wish to remove certain products from your basket or modify the quantity amount, you can click the My Basket link go to your basket and make the necessary changes.

b.) Enter the Shipping information for Romania. Here you enter the name, phone number and address information of the person in Romania you are sending the gift to. You must enter a Romanian address, otherwise your order will not be accepted!

c.) Enter the Billing information. Here you must enter your personal information such as, name, phone number, address, etc. You must enter an US or Canadian address, otherwise your order will not be accepted!

d.) After all the billing and shipping information is correctly entered, click the Continue button to proceed to payment.

e.) Select the credit card type you want to use for your payment, Visa or MasterCard and click Continue. We accept Visa and MasterCard. If you would like to arrange a different payment method, please email us at sales@econnect-usa.com.

f.) Enter the credit card information (Visa or MasterCard) and click “Continue” to make the payment.

5. My Account

If you are a new user, once you made your selection you have the option to create an account with us by clicking the My Account link or directly proceed to checkout bypassing the new user account setup process. We leave this up to you. However we encourage you to sign up so you can take advantage of any discounts that we might offer. Existing users can login with their username and password.


  • If you keep finding your cart empty even though you know there is something in it, please check the Cookie Manager on your browser! It may be set to Block All Cookies.
  • Cookies are needed to view the basket contents. They can be set at different levels. You should be able to view the contents of your basket if your Internet Privacy Protection is set on High, but if your browser is set to Block All Cookies, your basket will always appear empty! See instructions on how to enable cookies.

Ordering Offline

Besides Credit Card payments, eConnect USA accepts personal checks or money orders. If you wish to pay by check or money order, you can mail us your check or money order together with a list of the products you wish to order and your contact information at:


PO Box 395

Middletown, NJ 07748

Please include your personal information so we can contact you regarding your order:

  • full name
  • telephone number
  • email address

Note: For orders that are paid by check or money order, the order will be placed on hold until the money will be deposited in our bank account. This usually takes approximately 10 business days from the time you mailed out your check until the products are delivered in Romania.




Online gift baskets for Romania.Credit card payments, check and money order payments accepted.  

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