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Auto Gift Delivery

The auto gift deliver service allows you customize a gift basket with any products you wish and have them sent every month to your loved ones in Romania. There will be no need to visit our site and place an order. You just have to tell us on what day you want your gift to be delivered and we will take care of it.

This is how it works: five days in advance, we will email you the invoice to give you the option to cancel the delivery if needed. If we donít here from you, we will assume that you approve the delivery and we will contact the recipient in Romania to make sure someone will be home on the date you specified. Then we ship your gift and notify you by email when the gift is delivered and bill your credit card for the amount shown on the invoice.

To set this up it will only take few minutes. We just need you to choose the products you wish to send every week/month, provide us with a day and your credit card.

For example, letís say you wish to send a gift on 1st of each month to a friend or a family member in Romania. This is what you need to do:

  1. Visit or site and customize your gift basket by adding the products you wish to include to your basket

  2. Place your order

  3. Send us a message and tell us that you want to repeat the order (include the order number) on the 1st of each month.

This is what will happen:

  1. Then we will contact you to confirm the schedule and obtain your approval to charge your credit card.

  2. On the 25th of the month you will receive an email from us, which indicates that your order is scheduled for delivery on the 1sth of the next month. You have the opportunity to reply and CANCEL the order in case you changed your mind. Otherwise we assume you want your order to be shipped as scheduled.

  3. We will contact the recipient two-three days prior to the scheduled date to schedule the delivery for the 1st of the month.

  4. As soon as the order is delivered, you will get another email letting you know that your gift has been delivered

 You can cancel the automatic delivery anytime by contacting us by email or phone.




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