After exploring different options, our customers strongly believe that eConnect USA is the best Gift Delivery Service to Romania. 

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   Letters from our customers:

"Hello eConnect-USA,
Thank you so much for your business! The package was delivered in 3 days to my parent’s door and all the food arrived fresh. You all are awesome!!!! My father was very impressed the way the package was wrapped “foarte frumos”. The card was gorgeous and it said exactly what I asked. My father said that the gentlemen who delivered the package were very professional and they called to inform them when they will get to their house. Also one other gentleman (maybe the boss) called afterwards and checked to make sure the delivery got there in time, as promised, which it did.
I am very impressed with the way your company conducts business. This is the first time I send the package to Romania and I am very pleased, my parents are also. This delivery was a great help to our family since my father was paralyzed and barely could walk. The gentlemen who delivered the package took the package inside the house and my parents did not had to lift anything, nor go anywhere to pick up the package.
Thanks again and I will continue to do business with your company. "     

     L.B. - North Carolina


“Thank you very much for your service. My mom and I were pleasantly surprised by the professional way your company handled everything. My 87 year old mom had tears in her eyes when she received the breath taking gorgeous bouquet of pink roses. They looked so fresh and the bouquet was exquisite. The basket was very appealing and was complete with fresh products . It exceeded my expectations.

Thank you again for your prompt and excellent service. This was the first time I did business with you and definitely it wont be the last time you will hear from me .

I will recommend you to all my friends from Canada”

    R.V. - Canada


"Thank you for your service. The order was delivered on time and looked great. We are very
pleased to have found your web-site, as we have family members in Romania. It is always
wonderful to know that we are just a click away from sending them a treat or a gift and it gets
delivered right on their door step.
Thank you again!
    C. M. - California


"Dear eConnect-USA, My experience with your company was great: fresh products, timely delivery. I will certainly recommend you to my Romanian friends. Thank you and keep up the good work!"

     D.S. – Louisiana


“Thank you  very much , for your excellent service.  Once again we were very impressed with the professionalism  of your employee that delivered my mom's order. She was so pleased with the way everything was handled and especially for the help she received in opening the packages. That meant a lot to her because of her injury she wouldn't have been able to open any of the packages. All the products were fresh and of excellent quality. The homemade items (cakes, salami ,etc ) are fantastic. They taste very very good my mom said. She is very happy. We were talking on the phone for a half hour about every item in the package and she tried to explain to me how everything tastes and how good everything is.  My mom was very impressed with everything. Once again it was a pleasure to conduct business with you and look forward to placing another order in the near future. 

Thank you very much, kind regards”

    R. M. - Canada


"I'm very pleased with the way you handle business. I like your web site, customer support gets an A+. Overall great transaction. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. I will recommend your site to all my friends. THANK YOU!"

     C.M. - New York


"Thank you so much for your awesome service. I spoke with the recipient and they said that you guys were great so THANK YOU! Your company will definitely be my first choice next time I decide to send something to Romania."

     L.S. - Canada


"Thank you so much for your service. I will refer you to all of my Romanian friends who live overseas, in US and Canada. My mom was so impressed by your service and how fast your delivery was, so I really appreciate it a lot. I will be back for more business real soon."

     A.B. - Washington D.C.


"Dear eConnect USA:
Just a note to thank you for you wonderful products and SERVICE. <L.> and I were on the computer together when she was called to collect her package while at her office. She was overjoyed and I wish to thank you for making my darling wife so happy during our separation. I was also surprised at how fast your service was....pleasingly so. Thank you again and I will be using your service again and telling all my friends and family about you."

     M.P. - New York



      I.A. - Florida


"Thank you so much! this is a great idea ! I'm  really glad I discovered your site. Thank you!"

     A.P. - California


"Thank you for your prompt service.  My parents received the gift package yesterday."

     D.P. – Arizona 


"Everything was great. It so happened that my father got the gift on his birthday, so it was even better. Thank you again, nice doing business with you."

     I.M. – New York


"My experience with your company has been great.  The packages arrived to their destination within the promised time; the products were excellent and the price was affordable. Also, I liked the email and phone call follow-up. I will order from your company soon."

     D.P. – New York


"Wonderful service and great experience. I will do business again with your website!

Thank you!"

     L.O. – Nevada


"My experience with your company and service was excellent. It was great that you alerted my parents that the package is coming and you followed up later. Thanks very much."

     E.K. – Virginia


"Excellent experience. My mom was very surprised the gift came just in time for her birthday. Thank you so much!"

     L.C. – Illinois  


"You guys were great! The gift was delivered to my mother in time, as expected."

     I.P. – Colorado


"Everything worked out well!  Thank you very much for your attention and professional help in order to ensure that our dear ones received the packages on time for the holidays."

     C.K. – Ohio


"Thank you for the great service provided; the order arrived in time and in good condition."

     E.P. – Texas


"I like to thank you very much for your good and on fast services, I will contact you soon with another order, you are a best way to get in touch and make happy our family and friends from our country Romania, thanks again!"

     E.B. – Illinois


"Wonderful service!!!!!! Great! I recommended it  to all my friends. Thank you so much!"

     D.F. – Texas


"Hi, I've got the confirmation from my relatives in Romania, after they received the package and we're very happy with the quality and service of your company! Thank you! "

     C.B. – New York


"I would like to say that the service was wonderful, <S.M.> was extremely helpful I could not believe how quickly he was able to provide me with accurate information. Thanks again!"

     M.T. – New York


"Your service is a convenient way to send gifts to Romania, you do a great job!"

     I.M. – New Jersey


"Congratulations eConnect USA! You did it again, right on time with perfection. Thank you so much. This is definitely the best service you can get!"

     N.B. – California


"I am happy to tell you that i have recommended you to as many people as I know. I was very pleased with your services and I am looking forward to contact you for the holiday season.
Thank you very much for your good work!

     C. M. - Chicago


"Thank You very much for your fast response to my order. My father-in-law
enjoyed the surprise greatly. We will use your service again to be sure. Thank You
     E.P. - Jonestown, PA


"Thank you so much. I talked to both my parents and they were very happy with the delivery and the way everything happened. Thanks so much."    

S.C. - Chicago


"My parents are telling me that your products are great and the service was excellent. Thank you for your service!"

     N.J. - Texas


"Thank you very much for the wonderful business you are doing, I'm impressed by the reliability and high quality of your services. Thank you very ,very much and I hope to do more business with you and I will spread the news around as much as possible. Thank you again!"

     I.M. - California


"You guys are the best....I am so happy to be able to make my mom happy with those products and surprise her. She has cancer and this brings her a lot of happiness from me through you."

     L.C. - Chicago


"Thank you very much, I am happy I choose your company, you are doing a great job! I am looking forward to do business with you again anytime soon."

     S.B. - New York


"Thank you very much for sending my orders to Romania! Because you did such a good job I replace another order and I recommended your site to all my friends and to people at the Romanian church in Bay area of San Francisco."

     L.N. - San Francisco


"Thank you so much for your kind and expert help. We will be more than happy to contact you again for more purchases and also recommend you to all our friends with families and acquaintances in Romania."

     L.F. - New York


"Thank you so much, your service is always excellent!"

     L.P. - New Jersey


"You guys did great! We are looking forward to do business again."

     C.B. - New York


"Your service and products were excellent. My sister and her family were very pleased and for that I thank you. You helped make their holidays special. Thank you for a wonderful service!"

     J.N. - Delaware


"My feedback is A+ and another A+ for the delivery driver, my mother told me. Thank you very much!!!"

     G.P. - Oregon


"Thank you very much for your prompt and excellent service. My mom got everything and was very happy."

     B.A. - New York


“You exceeding my expectations, delivered unbelievable fast and everything was of very good quality. Thanks a lot, I will use you on every occasion and tell my friend about you.”

    G.B. - Detroit


“Great job, my mom was very happy and I am happy too. I will let other Rumanians in my neighborhood know about your service. Soon I will send one more for my parents in-law. Thank you!”

    E.G. – Michigan


“Your services are beyond any expectations, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

    M.B. - Canada


“Wow! I'm so impressed! Please thank your manager in Romania. It means so much to me that he made an effort to get the order out so quickly!”

    B.H. - Texas


“Thank you so much for your amazing services and your prompt customer services. Thank you your doing a great job....”

L.V. - Canada


“Thank you so much! I appreciate your service.”

    M.M. – Maryland


“Just spoke with her, she received the package and she's happy. The food is getting very expensive in Ro for retired people: they will never buy nutritious food because they believe is too expensive. I think we'll do this on monthly bases.”

    R.U. – Canada


“Thank u soooooooo much for your service, my family was very pleased!!”

    A.L. – Los Angeles


“I want to thank you so much for your services, gives me peace of mind knowing that my mom is taking care of. Thank you again!”

    C.M. – Chicago


“Thank you for the professional way of doing business. The actual customer was more than happy about the whole thing...”

    S.O. – Los Angeles

“Thank you for your service.  The gift arrived on time for Christmas, thanks again for making it happen! Happy New Year!”

D.P. – Arizona



“Vreau sa va multumesc foarte mult pentru modul an care a-ti livrat pachetul acasa la parintii mei an Arad marti Feb.24. Au fost foarte impresionati de serviciile dumneavoastra … doresc sa stiti ca sant foarte multumita de serviciile dumneavoastra prompte si profesionale. Mai jos este ce mi-a scris mami an e-mail dupa ce a primit pachetul:

"... firma asta cu care ai lucrat tu ieste EXCEPTIONALA. Patronul o sunat seara sa intrebe daca am primit pachetul si daca totul ieste in regula. Bravo sefu iti conduci frumos afacerea..."

  Va multumesc enorm anca o data si va voi mai folosi serviciile si-n viitor…”

    O.B.  – Illinois


 “Rudele mele au primit pachetele si au fost surpinse in mod placut de calitatea produselor si de module de prezentare. Au fost contactati prin telefon si livrarea a fost facuta la timp.

Va multumesc pentru un serviciu excelent. Ajutorul si sugestiile dumneavoastra sint mult apreciate. Nici nu m-am asteptat sa pot face o comanda din USA si in doua zile sa fie primita la Bucuresti.”

    A.N. – Illinois


 "Buna ziua si v-a multumesc pentru serviciile oferite. Prin intermediul dumneavoastra ii putem bucura pe cei dragi din tara la anumite ocazii.

V-a multumesc!"

     N.C. – Massachusetts 


"Mama a primit pachetul,foarte incantata de domnul care i l-a dus! A vrut sa-l cinsteasca(stii cum e in Romania!!) dar a spus NU!! Felicitari!! De cand caut o company ca voi! Thanks"

    G.P. – Nevada


"Va multumesc pentru promptitudine. Voi solicita compania dv. ori de cite ori va fi necesar. Cu multumiri"

     I.P. – Maryland


"Doresc sa va multumesc mult pentru serviciile oferite. Cadourile au ajuns la destinatar in timp util (inclusiv cu ambalaj si felicitare).

Cu stima,"

     T.D. – Washington DC


"Parintii nostri au fost foarte bucurosi cind d-nul Niculita i-a sunat. Astept-au ca copii la poarta cind a venit pachetul.Sint bucuroa-sa ca cineva are o asa companie sa-i satisfacem si pe cei de acasa. Am spus la majoritate-a romanilor de aici din Phoenix. Multumesc inca odata!"

     V.G. - Phoenix


"Mama mea a primit pachetul. Si mama si eu va multumesc din inima si dumneavoastra si colegilor din Romania si sa va de-a Dumnezeu multa sanatate. O sa folosesc si in viitor serviciile dumneavoastra. Un mare multumesc!"

     M.O. - Arizona


"Multumesc pentru ajutor, pachetul a ajuns cu bine, surpriza a reusit perfect. Multumesc,"

     R.G. – New York


"Multumesc,pentru serviciile facute de compania dumneavoasta. Apreciez posibilitatea de a alege produsele pe care dorim sa le trimitem celor de acasa. "

     C.N. – Tennessee


"Multumesc pentru serviciul prompt. totul a ajuns cu bine. Tata a fost extrem de incantat."

     A.S. – New York


"Va multumesc in primul rind pentru oportunitatea creata de a trimite celor dragi din Romania un mic pachet, intr-un interval de timp foarte scurt. Serviciul furnizat de echipa dvs. de acolo, a fost excelent si intr-o maniera cit se poate de eleganta, ceea ce ma face sa mai apelez la firma dvs. cu incredere.Va urez toate cele bune!"

     C.D. – New York


"Va multumesc inca odata pentru grija ce ati avut-o ca sa-mi parvina coletul cit mai rapid. Calitatea produselor a fost excelenta!"

     E.I. – Minneapolis 


"Serviciul este exceptional. Multumesc mult pentru ca v-ati ocupat si m-ati tinut tot timpul la curent cu stadiul comenzii."

     M.M. – New York


"Am primit si mesajul dv., precum si confirmarea din Bucuresti a sosirii pachetului. Va multumesc pentru promptitudine. Voi solicita compania dv. ori de cite ori va fi necesar. Cu multumiri,"

     A.P. – Connecticut


"Totul a fost perfect. Multumim.Vom apela si in viitor la serviciul Dumneavoastra. Cu stima,"

     R.B. – Pennsylvania


"Va multumesc mult si apreciez profesionalismul  dumneavostra! comanda a ajuns cu bine, totul este ok!"

     M.A. – Maryland


"Hello! Este totul foarte multumitor si perfect,   ,,ca la carte”. Toti ai mei sint tare incintati de cum sint tratati de cum primesc telefon. de instintare pina la primire."

     G.P. – New York


"Am mai trimis cu alte firme si inainte cadouri familiei din tara, si am fost dezamagita. Sunt foarte incantat de servicilie oferite de comania dumneavoastra. Ma bucur in primul rand ca am dat de o firma serioasa pe care ma pot baza la orice ora. Calitatea produselor , servicul de suport cat si cel de livrare au fost de nota 10! "

     M.V. – Florida


"Nu-mi vine sa cred ce rapid ati livrat cadoul pentru Mama. A ajuns chiar de ziua ei si a fost extraordinar de incantata de toate produsele. Domnul care a livrat pachetul, i-a urat la multi ani si i-a inmanat felicitarea de la mine. Mama a plans… Am bookmarked siteul si am sa fiu in client fidel in continuare. "

     P.N. – Michigan


"Va multumesc mult pentru tot efortul depus ca pachetul sa ajunga exact in ziua planuita. Totul a decurs perfect ! "

     M.B. - Pennsylvania


“Va multumesc pentru promptitudine si corectitudine totul venea a crede cand am comandat, am incercat sa vad daca este serios si este intradevar .Va doresc ca afacerea sa aiba mult succes si multa lume sa afle si sa se bucure de aceast ajutor simt ca ai mei sunt mult mai aproape de mine. Multumesc”

    S.S. – Georgia


“De abia am vorbit cu ai mei. Pachetul a ajuns la timp. Mama mi-a zis ca toate au fost superb ambalate, mai ales florile. Multumesc ca le-ati trimis in timp util si ca totul a fost perfect!”

    C.D. – New York


“va multumesc pt promtitudine, punctualitate si mai ales pt calitatea produselor
parintii mei au fost f multumiti. Am sa va recomand si prietenilor si cu siguranta voi mai apela la serviciile dvs
tineti-o tot asa! mult succes in continuare!”

    M.S. - Canada



    P.V. - Michigan


“Doar ce m-a sunat mama. Mi-a trimis si poze cu pachetele prin internet, insa a spus ca au fost foarte frumos ambalate ambele pachete. A primit tot ce-am comandat si totul in stare perfecta. Va multumim mult si vom apela din nou la serviciile econnect”

    A.B. - Canada



    P.D. – Spania


“Sunteti un site minunat. Multumesc!!!”

G.S. – Nevada


“Va multzumesc pentru comanda care a ajuns cu bine la parinti. Sint foarte multzumita de serviciile dumneavoastra.”

S.V. – Italia





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